07/25/14 07:16:10

Snowkiting and Snowbiking

...want to try out something new?


Obertauern is bang up-to-date in the latest winter-sport types: Feel like to experiencing the ultimate adrenalin kick? Then go for a snowkiting course in our snow-kite school and fly with your skis or snowboard towards the sun. In February 2005, Obertauern was the venue of the Snowkiting World Championships.

See Website.



Are you looking for an alternative to skiing or snowboarding?

With the snowbike you can discover and enjoy difficult slopes and dips with ease. There are no limits with snowbiking. The special kick with snowbiking is that fantasic feeling you get after having taken the first few curves. After that the speed and the ease at which you can take on the drifts just takes hold of you. Why not try it out and let yourself be blown away...

Anyone interested should take a look at the Snowbike-Website.