Gamsleiten Criterion 2017

Austrias largest treasure hunt!

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Obertauern winter survey

Take part in our short winter survey about Obertauern and win one of three great prizes.

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Welcome to Obertauern

The perfect holiday experience has never been so close: Unlimited fun on the slopes, rustic cosiness, breathtaking views and nights you don't regret sleeping in after – with so much variety everyone will find their perfect place to always return to. Or in other words: their very personal Obertauern.

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Video from 15.11.2016
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Sunshine Skiing
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X-Cross Run
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where snow is at home

Way up high you get very close to the sun - 1000 - 2526 metres.

When the 360° photo function on your Smartphone isn’t enough to capture all the majestic summits, the unspoilt slopes and the deep blue of the sky, is when you have arrived ‘way up high’ and the fun can begin. A holiday in Obertauern. Whether summer or winter...

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