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Mountaineering & climbing in Obertauern

„‘The question as to why you do something unusual doesn’t arise at all. The rationale is quite simply that it simply a desire for a great adventure.’ “

Heinrich Harrer (mountaineer, traveller, and author of 7 Years in Tibet)

For anyone who dreams about great freedom, has a passion for adventure or just wants to do something exceptional – the mountains of Obertauern are recommended. Since where in winter the best pistes are at home, is where you will also find the loveliest summits. The dreamy mountains around Obertauern aren’t just there to explore on the numerous hiking trails.

Obertauern’s unique natural surroundings also offer a few challenging summits – which also get proficient climbers perspiring, and send them into raptures. Beginners and experts will also find a via ferrata route to suit them and experience that unique feeling of freedom. To be at one with the mountain. To enjoy tranquillity and be far removed from the stress of the daily grind. Something you only experience when you take on the challenge of mountaineering & climbing in Obertrauen. Or to put it another way:

‘Every summit is in reality just a detour to the next bar.’

Hans Kammerlander (South Tyrolean extreme climber and skier)