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Lift prices Obertauern - point cards

Point cards Price
Adults 250 points € 24,-
Adults 400 points € 36,50
Children 250 points € 13,-
Children 400 points € 20,50

Hands-free system

Ski passes are given exclusively on key cards (touch-free data carriers). Deposit fee for key card: € 2,- Return of all undamaged and functioning key cards for the Obertauern 0607 series possible at all ski-pass sale points!

All prices are in euro, dates and rates are subject to change. The terms and conditions of sales and transport from the "Liftgemeinschaft Obertauern GmbH" shall apply. All payments shall be in cash or by MAESTRO ATM card, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard) (sorry, no checks accepted). In case of overlapping season dates, the cash register computers will calculate composite prices. Mistakes, misprints and typographical errors excepted.