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Snowpark Obertauern - The Spot

A must visit for any keen boarder and freestyler – who is also capable of jumps and is spending their winter holiday in Salzburger Land – is the snow park in Obertauern. THE meeting point for the boarder & freestyler scene is quickly and easily accessible via the 4-seater chairlift at the Kehrkopf. Up there an extra special fun park awaits experts and beginners alike. For everyone who is looking for superb jumps and slide elements, an attractive snow park has been set up, which has 40 elements on 3 pistes and a total of 3 kilometres in length as well as a powder kicker zone and its own freestyle freeride route. A park which sets hearts racing due to its altitude location, since there really is something for everyone.

Freestyle – Just your style

In Obertauern there really is a place for everything and everything is in its place. Freestylers and snowboarders are very well catered for, naturally. But if for you not everything revolves around kickers and rails, if jibbing and shredding are not key words for you, then the snow park in Obertauern, one of the loveliest in Salzburger Land, is just the place. Its own ski lift ensures convenient transport up to the top and then the fun on skis and snowboards can begin. But you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy our snow park, those of you who just want to give freestyling a go can of course try it out here. And those of you for whom this is not your first time in our snow park will find any amount of obstacles for tricks. No one will get bored here in Obertauern, there is just so much to experience here in this ‘snow bowl’ in Salzburger Land.

Snowpark Obertauern has:

  • 3 Kickers (small 6 metres, medium 10 metres, big 14 metres)
  • 2 Easy Rollers (4 metres), 1 Corner (20x6 metres)
  • 1 Wallride Slanted Coping (4x3 metres)
  • Straight Rails (9 metres, 8 metres, 6 metres, 5 metres, 2x4 metres)
  • Rainbow Rails (6 metres)
  • Straight Boxes (9 metres, 2x4 metres, 2x3 metres)
  • Kinked Box (6 metres)
  • Double Kinked Box (9 metres)
  • Curved Box (6 metres)
  • A-Frame Powerade Box (11 metres)
  • Quarter pipe Tree stump (2x)