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The SPOT - Obertauern Snow Park

Obertauern Snow Park is an ideal meeting point for anyone who just can’t let off enough steam on the standard pistes. A Snow Park awaits you here which has everything that a freestyler’s heart yearns for. In this fun park there are 40 very different elements waiting for you. Kickers of varying sizes, numerous rails and all kinds of boxes provide you with any amount of options to do tricks - whatever it is you want.

There is an Easy Line, which gives beginners a taster of the art of freestyling, while pros can use it to do their warm up. In the Jib Alley ambitious boarders are very well catered for. Those who prefer huge airtime will be happy on the many kickers. Here with us in Obertauern Snow Park you will of course come across a quarterpipe too. Obertauern Snowpark – ‘the place to be’.


An old adage claims that real freedom can only be found on horseback. We think that the taste of freedom comes from freeriding and powder snow. You do of course need a lot of snow for freeriding and the right mountains on which you can take your lines. With us in Obertauern you find the perfect combination of snow and mountains – it’s like it was made for freeriding. Slopes with all kinds of characteristics and gradients are all around Obertauern – thanks to its location in a basin. The loveliest thing about it is that you don’t have to go far from your base and you can be back in Obertauern right on time to enjoy some après-ski.

Snowbiking & Snowkiting

Are actually more at home on the bike and can you hardly wait for winter to be over? Well, Obertauern can lend a helping hand! We can’t of course make the snow disappear but we do have the perfect piece of sports equipment for you which reconciles cycling and snow – the snowbike. Climb aboard a snowbike and test whether your sense of balance is good enough to hurtle across the pistes. A little bit of guidance is all you need, then you get to enjoy the speed rush, just like the one you get on your mountain bike.

Those of you who really are brave and who want to try out something very special ought to summon up all your courage and register for a snowkiting course. This is the latest trendy sport in the mountains. You have your snowboard or your skis beneath your feet, whatever your personal preference might be. Hold your chute with both hands – this is what propels you. But be warned, a little bit more flight time and spectacular performances are a cert! Any capable winter sports fan can learn the basics of snowkiting in a few sessions. After that, nothing stands in the way of the adrenaline junkie.

Ice climbing

Climbing is increasingly becoming a trendy sport. You can quickly become a good climber in the hall, but who can say that they have climbed up a frozen water fall? At the Johannes Waterfall – where in the summer the waters plunge down to the depths – the conditions for ice climbing are perfect in the winter. Experience with your own body what makes ice climbing so alluring. Spectacular ice formations all around and right in the thick of it all you, and the ice axes which you use to get yourself to the top of the waterfall. This is just the ticket for adrenaline seekers; stick-in-the-muds should stay at home. Sounds exciting?


To feel the speed of up to 45 mph lying on an airboard, is something everyone has to try once. It’s part of human nature to exceed the own limitations and to try new things. It’s the urge to experience more adventures and to get the incomparable feeling of freedom. Airboarding combines all these positive aspects in a single downhill ride. Have an exciting time on the airboard in Obertauern with your family or friends.

Segway-Tours in Winter

Enjoy a completely new driving experience and discover Obertauern, Austria's snowiest winter sports destination, on the Segway from a completely different point of view. Only by shifting of the own weight, you can accelerate and slow down. After a professional instruction and a few test runs, the guide leads you across the idyllic winter landscape around Obertauern. For sure a real highlight for all participants (from 12 years). 

With the E-Fatbike through the winter landscape

Passionate cyclists will love the electric fatbikes! Fatbikes are special mountain bikes that have been specifically designed for the use on snow. The electric drive and the extremely wide tires allow an exceptional performance and an easy handling on all snow conditions. E-Fatbikes are also suitable for teens from 12 years due to their safe handling characteristics. The best way to try it out is to enjoy a ride through the beautiful winter landscape on this extraordinary bike together with a guide.