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Ski & Snowboardschools

Would you like to learn about a snow sport or perfect your skills? No problem! Seven snowboard and ski schools, a snowbike school and a snow-kiting school await you in Obertauern, providing a wide and varied range of courses! Beginners and the advanced alike enjoy individual supervision here with us, in small groups and also in private lessons.

State-approved ski and snowboard instructors ensure you learn everything the right way. Whether it is trendy sports such as snowboarding, carving, snow biking, snow kiting or traditional skiing and cross-country courses, here with us in Obertauern you really can learn everything!

Skiing & snowboarding schools in Obertauern:

CSA Grillitsch & Partner - Ski & snowboard school

Phone: +43 (0)6456 7462
Web: www.skischule.co.at
Lage: to the interactive map

Frau Holle - Ski & snowboard school

Phone: +43 (0)6456 72009 10
Web: www.skischule-frauholle.at
Location: to the interactive map

Koch - Ski school

Phone: +43 (0)6456 7228 5
Web: www.skikoch.at
Location: to the interactive map

Krallinger - Ski & snowboard school

Phone: +43 (0)6456 72007
Web: www.skischule-krallinger.at
Location: to the interactive map

TOP - Ski & snowboard school

Phone: +43 (0)6456 7678
Web: www.ski-top.at
Location: to the interactive map

NAC Skischule am Tauern / Freeride Center

Phone: +43 (0)664 16 34 927
Web: www.amtauern.at 

Further sport schools in Obertauern:

CSA-Grillitsch & Partner - Cross country school

Phone: +43 (0)6456 7462
Web: www.skischule.co.at
Location: to the interactive map

Florian Greimel- Skisprungschule

Phone: +43 (0)650 34 22 897
Web: www.skisprungschule.com

Koch - Snowbike school

Phone: +43 (0)6456 7228 5
Web: www.skikoch.at
Location: to the interactive map