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Mountain skyver - New to Obertauern

What is a Mountain skyver then? Well it’s quite simple. A mountain skiver is THE new summer mountain sport. And THE solution as to how you get to have a real adventure when you are ‘descending’ after the loveliest mountain hike. Whereas others walk to their car after their hike in an alpine pasture and head back into the valley – Mountain skyver riders have a huge amount of fun when they head back down.

The light, portable, sporty mountain 2-wheeler has been developed to make long descents an adventure. With the maxim being – ‘protect the nature, respect the people and enjoy your ride’ – this is one adventure you can now enjoy in Obertauern. Mountain Skyvers are suitable for children from the age of 8, accompanied by an adult.

Hire prices:

1 hour: 8 EUROS
3 hours: 12 EUROS (includes helmet and gloves)


Please make advance registrations for groups of 10 and over.
Phone: +43 (0)6456 7226 13