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Range on offer for children

Obertauern is not just a winter paradise for the adults. This Salzburg ski area also has something to offer the little ones. Bibo Bear for instance. Since he always says: ‘I invite all my friends, whether they are young or old, to the children’s ski park.’

Bibo Bear family ski park Obertauern

In the Bibo Bear family ski park even the littlest infants really are very well catered for and can live out their enthusiasm for skiing on three pistes developed just for them, with exciting course material and the opportunity to train their motor skills. Bibo Bear learnt everything about skiing from the local animals - Anton Adler the eagle, Gundi Gämse the goose, Harry Hase the hare and Ricky Reh the roe deer. And our children also learn about the fundamentals of skiing in the family ski park - concentration and attentiveness, orientation on the piste, a good sense of balance, becoming accustomed to the speed, bends, carving and much much more.

Bobby’s ski adventure

With Bobby’s ski adventure there is also something for our little ones to experience. Snow hares really flourish when it gets warmer. During a ski adventure with the Obertauern snow hare, Bobby, children can confidently leave their down jackets at home. Courses (for children up to the age of 5 and for those aged between 6 -14) take place in late March or at the start of April, when the sun’s rays are already quite powerful and make a unique skiing adventure possible.

The GEISTERBAHN in the fairy-tale park at the Schaidbergbahn

For the very courageous – whether young or old –Obertauern has a very special tasty treat to offer. ‘Scary fun right at the piste.’ Since last season we have had our own scary piste here in Obertauern. Only the most courageous skiers and snowboarders have the nerve to head into the 30 metre wooden tunnel, where a lot of (nicely carved) scary figures await. A really special adventure.

Not in the mood for skiing? No problem!

Children always want to try something new, after all they are inquisitive by nature. That is why there are so many opportunities in Obertauern for our littlest visitors to satisfy this curiosity. Children love cycling, but did you know that you can do this on snow? Hire a snow bike with your children and test your balance. Maybe your children have an aptitude for cross-country skiing and will be inspired by this lovely sport. It's easy to give this a go in Obertauern, since there are plenty of slopes - ones suitable for beginners too. Still looking for another alternative? Tobogganing always puts a smile on children's faces, particularly when they are taken up to the top on a skidoo.

Up for Biathlon?

You will certainly have seen Biathlon on the television. Here with us in Obertauern you can even try this out with your family. Take your time – it really is great fun! Apropos fun, we just have to tell you about Airboarding. This is a bit like sliding across the pistes on an air bed. Those of you who don't want to ski during the day, might be inspired by the special atmosphere during night-time skiing. It's worth a try. Ice-skating is a classic winter sport. Rightly so, as we find out, effortlessly gliding with skates is fun and particularly lovely in the evening on the floodlit ice rink.

For the racers of tomorrow

Children – and parents too of course – can compete against one another on the specially designed race routes. Who will be the quickest on the route through Stangenwald? At the Kirchbühel lift and the Schönalmbahn special timed courses are available. We might even see a World Cup winner of the future. It is massive fun at any rate and if you have always wanted to know how quick you really are at skiing, then you should drop by at Sonnenlift 3 and Schrotteralmlift where we have set up our own route to measure your speed. See who's the quickest in your family.

Whatever you decide, one thing is for sure, Obertauern is a skiing area for big and small – for young and old. Obertauern has something for everyone.