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Freeriding in Obertauern

When the 360° photo function on your Smartphone isn’t enough to capture all the majestic summits, the unspoilt slopes and the deep blue of the sky, is when you have arrived ‘way up high’ and the fun can begin. Freeriding in Obertauern. Anyone who has never been to Obertauern should do something about that as quickly as possible. For this snow paradise is not just in a very central location and accessible in two hours from Munich, it is also a freeriding Mecca for pleasure freeriders, who refreshments stops, a good view and snow-assuredness in equal measure.

Freeriders listen up

Experts can choose for themselves whether to head for the south, north, west or east-facing slopes. The hotel is in the middle of a corrie just a 5 minute walk from the piste. Doctor Aufmesser’s surgery is right there and an alpine inn provides ‘sophisticated’ refreshment stops right at the edge of the piste. Only in Obertauern. The mountains in Salzburg are inspiring. For young and old. Visitors and locals. Connoisseurs and dare-devils. Obertauern provides all ‘that’.

That is, 100 kilometres of pistes and snow-assuredness from the end of November until the start of May.

Anyone who really wants to taste freedom, has to go ‘way up high’. Where the white summits, untrodden slopes and the deep-blue sky really are wonderful. Freeriding is known for a feeling of freedom. Whistling past the rocks and trees to the left and right. Powder snow sprinkling the as yet untrodden routes. Even smaller jumps are very much allowed. Obertauern provides this freedom, mixed with the security that you can touch base at any time in just a few minutes. After all, an outfit change is part and parcel of freeriding. Obertauern. Full of fun. Absolute freedom. Maximum comfort – so to speak. A trip ‘way up high’ is a must for everyone.