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Obertauern – The town that is way up there

There was not a lot to start with. A long time ago; but at least there was the Roman road which was an important north-south connection. Around 110 years ago the first skiers came; at that time chiefly from the military, which used Obertauern for training purposed. At that time there were a few places to stay and emergency shelters. It was not until the interwar period that ‘summer holiday-makers’ discovered Obertauern for themselves. At the end of the 40s and the start of the 50s, skiing was then the predominant theme. Skiing boomed. And Obertauern was right in the middle of this boom.

It was from then on that the immense upsurge of Obertauern began. Where at one time there were only a handful of places to stay, over the decades it gradually became one of the most versatile winter sports destinations in Austria. It is not for nothing that the chronicles, which outlines the development of Obertauern, bears the title ‘A town which came about from nothing.’ It is not ‘nothing’, that you’ll come across today in Obertauern. Rather a great deal of everything. In particular a great deal of variety - families, freeriders, beginner skiers, party-goers – they all are very well catered for in Obertauern today.

The Beatles and the unique ‘spherical panorama’ for the film HELP!

The Beatles came in 1965 and filmed winter and ski scenes in Obertauern, with some of the locals standing is as stunt-doubles, since the Beatles were able to do a lot at that point, but skiing was definitely not one of those things. The reason for choosing Obertauern was obvious – snow-assuredness and even more snow than other ski areas, which for a long time had to adjust to grass skiing.

Gerhard Krings, George Harrison-film double talks about the Beatles in Obertauern.

The Beatles obviously liked Obertauern and they even got a bit carried away and performed a more or less secret, private concert in a hotel in Obertauern. The Beatles provided another skiing boom and the whole world and his wife wanted to go skiing in Obertauern. Obertauern became just magnificent, due to its exceptional location. Obertauern’s location really is truly splendid.

Surrounded by ski slopes, on the south-facing and the north-facing side alike, Obertauern was in the early days even described as a ‘snow bowl’. A snow bowl, in which people were surrounded by snow and ski slopes and felt in safe hands and genuinely ‘as right as rain’. Anyone who comes to Obertauern gets a speedy overview thanks to the spherical panorama. An all-round view in the town itself and you’re in the picture. Clarity, accessibility and barely any distance to the pistes is Obertauern’s trump card. Of course the development of Obertauern didn’t end long ago. Where before there were just a few accommodation providers, today there is a wide and varied range of hotels catering for all needs and requirements. In terms of the variety of pistes on offer, other ski areas have nothing on Obertauern …

Nostalgia tape - 100 years of winter sport in Obertauern

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50 year anniversary "THE BEATLES - HELP!"in Obertauern 2014/15

The Beatles knew what they were talking about – it's easier to make it to the top when you're not on your own. 50 years ago, the greatest pop band of all times filmed HELP! in Obertauern. And it was here that they held their first and only concert in Austria. A sparkling moment in the history of the village. Their light still shines on Obertauern, and the ski resort is looking forward to the winter season 2014/2015.

In the week from 14.03. - 21.03.2015 we revived the Beatles again. Exactly this week, 50 years ago, the Beatles performed in Obertauern!