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Family holiday in Obertauern

So where do you get something like that? A family holiday in Obertauern is cosy, relaxing and exciting. Which not any other family holiday in any other ski area can claim. Everlasting journeys on a ski bus until you get there, and when you finally get to the actual ski area and are ready to go skiing you realise that one of your children has left something in the hotel. So it’s back down to the hotel again, wasting valuable time that you and your family could have been skiing. Know what this is like? Well, you can breathe a sigh of relief, since in Obertauern such things are guaranteed NOT to happen.

The ‘snow bowl’ – Obertauern. Perfect for familiesn

Obertauern’s unique location means this is the case. Obertauern has previously been described as a „snow bowl “. And it certainly is a snow bowl, providing a spherical panorama view which is worthy of note. When you and your family come to Obertauern it won’t be long until you get the full picture. Take a look around and you’ll realise what awaits you and your loved ones – family-friendly winter fun! After all, there is barely any better place for your children to learn how to ski! With more than 100 kilometres of very well-tended exemplary slopes. Every child is an emerging ski star here.

Everything is always in sight in Obertauern

The best thing about a family holiday is having everything in sight as soon as you arrive. You get to revolve around your own axis and can see all the opportunities that you and your family can avail of straight away. Everything is spread throughout Obertauern and you are never really that far from your hotel. This gives you the opportunity to do some skiing yourself while your little ones are out in the ski kindergarten. In the afternoon you might, for a bit of variety, enjoy a cross-country skiing session, or maybe you have to get back to the hotel quickly, because the kids have forgotten something. This is when you appreciate having come to Obertauern to enjoy your holiday. All the routes here to place you and your family want to go are not long. And because everything has its own place, in the evening you can even head out on the party circuit and still enjoy the peace and quiet in your hotel. You can imagine no better place for a family holiday with the children.

The Bibo Bear family ski park

There is another special treat in Obertauern – you can, if you want to, send your children to the pistes and let them practice their turns in the snow in complete safety, while they are always in your line of sight, on the hotel terrace for instance. The Bibo Bear family ski park is a real winner with the little ones. So you see, as well as Obertauern being in a perfect location for families, we do everything for you and your family to feel great and perfect child supervision services are not an alien concept in Obertauern either.

Everything about skiing

In the many sports shops there are of course helmets specifically for children available to hire. These sports shops also have special ski hire offers. This usually means that for every adult paying full-price, a child up to the age of 10 will get their equipment free of charge. Talent has to be nurtured as early as possible. The children's ski courses in the ski schools in Obertauern are great for this. Specially trained ski instructors nurture your children's talents which means they will soon be showing their parents how it’s done. Children do of course pay less for their ski pass – the discounts available for lift tickets can be seen here. There is no charge for children under the age of 6 when they are accompanied by an adult.

The essentials for your family holiday

Sometimes you might just need a bit of time to yourself. But maybe you don't have anyone who can look after your children or your baby for a while? No problem. We have a babysitting service which can help out. If you have left your pram at home you can borrow one from our 'Kinderland' area. This costs 15 Euro; for another 3 Euro you can also get a winter bag. Prams and sleds can also be hired in Skiworld, where ski clothing for little ones is also available. In the event of accidents there is also Dr. Aufmesser's GP surgery in Obertauern. It's just good to know that there is always a doctor in the town. Though we hope you won't need one. Take a deep breath and enjoy the wonderful air up here in the mountains. You really can feel what a positive effect it has on your body.