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Tauern tours for kids

We really mean it when we say “Your very own Obertauern!" Even our youngest guests get exactly what they want when they come to Obertauern. The “Kindertauernrunde” (the Tauern Tour for Kids) is a really cool winter sports experience for kids and teenagers. Actually they are even 2 events for them!

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The “Bobby-Runde” (Bobby Tour) is for our youngest skiers: a fun and easy slope for beginners to hone their skills. Kids can look forward to experiencing a ghost train and an enchanted forest, a wave course, and a pit stop at Bibo Bear’s. And who knows, maybe even our mascot Bobby the Snow Hare drops by at some point.

My Track

More skilled boarders and skiers will get a kick out of “My Track”: a cool tour with lots of highlights. This tour has it all – from a boardercross course to a fun park and a high-speed track, as well as the opportunity to meet other like-minded boarders and freeriders to chill with on a break at one of Obertauern’s rustic ski huts. After all, you have to recharge somewhere before you continue to My Track’s next stop!

And what about the parents? They can look forward to countless kilometres of slopes with wonderful pistes – and rustic huts and lodges inviting them to take a well-deserved break. Due to various childcare options and many different skiing courses for kids, they can take a breath and enjoy their time-out - or even join their kids on the Tauern Tour for Kids. Even after a full day of skiing, the overarching theme “Your very own Obertauern” continues, as there are always family events happening somewhere in Obertauern, and there are many pubs and restaurants to choose from and bring a beautiful day on the slopes to its perfect conclusion.

Opening "Kindertauernrunden"

(the Tauern Tour for Kids)