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Fishing in Obertauern, Untertauern & Tweng

Tell me, what do you think of fishing? This, or something like it, is the question of all questions – the sixty-four-thousand dollar question. One thing is clear – fishing is more than just a leisure activity and is a hobby, or even just a way to while away the time. Fishing is a way of life and has its very own specific approach to nature and to time. Anyone who fishes, takes their time. Time to enjoy. Time to appreciate nature consciously and intensively. Fishing has been around before ‘slowing down’ was even a theme. And it is still the most effective way of attaining this. But everything has to be right. The natural surroundings, the setting, the scenery, the lakes. In Obertauern, Untertauern and Tweng you will find numerous fishing areas where this is the case. From Hundsfeldsee via the Tarauch to Johannes waterfall. The natural surroundings are so delightful and unspoilt and we aren’t just talking about the fishing areas. There is a lot on offer, for instance Hundsfeldmoor, a rigorously protected nature conservation area is a place to go fishing, as is Taurachbach.

The "Fürstenbrunn" fishing pond in Untertauern

Another real highlight is the ‘Fürstenbrunn’ fishing pond in Untertauern. This pond is located in the Untertauern wildlife park. Age and ability don’t matter. You don’t even need a fishing permit to get a taste of your first fishing session here. Wherever you want to fish, you can bet that you’ll be very well catered for. And what to bet that you’ll be back to Obertauern, Tweng or Unterauen to go fishing? And bet that you will have pictures and experiences from fishing in Obertauern, Tweng or Untertauern which you will take home with and which will be with you for a long time to come?

Fishing permits

Available from Obertauern tourist office (Phone: +43 (0)6456 7252)
Untertauern district council offices (Phone: +43 (0)6455 800)
Lürzerhof in Untertauern (Phone: +43 (0)6455 251)
Hammerwirt in Untertauern (Phone: +43 (0)6455 234)

Price: € 27/day