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Family holiday in Obertauern

A summer holiday with all the family? Looking for an idyll? For a perfect holiday? Or are these thoughts also associated with a bit of stress, particularly the matter of how to keep the children occupied while on holiday, so that you also get to relax a bit while you are on holiday? The last few questions are associated with the location of a family holiday. Or to express it better – with choosing the right or wrong location. We are certain that Obertauern will be the right place for you and your loved ones and that you and your family will feel as right as rain here with us. A family holiday which is so harmonious, that your children will be telling their children about it.

Whether Obertauern, Tweng or Untertauern. In all these towns and in the region families will find a genuine paradise in the summer. Children getting bored is an alien concept which we can’t even spell. Petting zoo, wildlife park, horse-riding – just a snippet of the many activities which you and your family will find in the region! However a successful family holiday actually starts with the right accommodation, of which we have more than enough in the region. Hotels, rooms, private accommodation, where it is evident that the perfect family holiday is the right blend of proximity and distance, of your own interests and activities together. But don’t worry – in the right place, that is, with us in Obertauern, Tweng or Untertauern, you won’t find it difficult at all to find this balance.