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Hiking in Obertauern

Hiking. The destination is your goal. When you are out and about your focus is very much directly at the natural surroundings around you. Walking opens your eyes; the tension and stress of daily life dissipate. It is what you are looking at that matters. Being on the go. It is of course lovely, arriving at your destination and treating yourself to some typical alpine specialities. When you hike you are freed from any unnecessary burdens and things are reduced to what is fundamental.

Hiking holiday in Obertauern

Lace up your hiking shoes for your summer holiday in Obertauern, buckle up your rucksack and take your children by the hand. It’s time for a hiking holiday in Obertauern again. Superb landscapes in unspoilt natural surroundings are best enjoyed when you see them while hiking, on your own two feet. Salzburger Land is known far beyond its borders for its wonderful mountains and here in Obertauern you get to start your hike way up high. The loveliest peaks in the Radstadt Tauern almost come to meet you. Whether you prefer to enjoy a leisurely hike with the family across various Alpine pastures, or if you want to hike around a spectacular summit in Obertauern, you can choose a new destination every day and head out on perfectly signposted hiking trails. Nothing stands in the way of you and a relaxing hiking holiday in Salzburger Land – you just have to take that first step.

Hiking in Obertauern

Our hiking map will help you not to stray while hiking in Obertauern and to be fully committed to being out and about, concentrating on the natural surroundings and having fun. No matter what you have in mind. Whether you want to conquer the highest peak in the Radtstädter Tauern or prefer to hike from alpine pasture to alpine pasture and want to taste your way through all those speciality alpine foods - hike in and around Obertauern, there will doubtless be the right hiking route for you.

Hiking in Obertauern

A hiking holiday in Salzburger Land

It doesn’t just sound lovely, it is. It is also particularly variety-packed and versatile. On a factual level alone in Obertauern we are more than just a green area – more than 100 kilometres of hiking trails in and around the Obertauern region. Everything is practically on your hotel doorstep. You can round off and make your next hike more than perfect with a trip to the Johannes waterfall for instance. You have to have seen it with your own eyes and listened and enjoyed how the water thunders down here. Of course in Obertauern you certainly won’t be wanting for either traditional alpine inns or lodges. To say that the range of culinary delights on offer is good and that their number is impressive, would almost be an understatement.

Alpine inns & lodges in Obertauern

There are lots of alpine inns and lodges in Obertauern which are just waiting to be discovered by keen explorers.

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Obertauern hiking panorama

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Tip - Summer programme 2017

3 LAKE HIKE | every Monday | 10 AM - 2 PM 

The whole family hikes from the Flubachalm up to Grünwaldsee. The route proceeds via the Hochalm to Krummschnablsee, continuing then to Hundsfeldsee. A short time later we return to the center of Obertauern.

WATER-HIKE | every Tuesday | 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Enjoy a true natural wonder in the mountains of Obertauern! Join us on a hiking tour to the beautiful “Johanneswasserfall” Transport provided by our €1 Bus back to Obertauern.

LET’S CONQUER THE SUMMIT! | every Wednesday | 9 AM - 3 PM

A sporty, guided hiking tour on the Hundskogel Summit with a refreshment stop afterwards in Oberhütte. Sturdy footwear and a good level of fitness is required.

hike to Twenger Almsee| every Thursday | 9 Am - 2 Pm

We follow the sunny walking trail southwards up to the Alpine meadows of the Twenger Alm. At the top, a herdsman shows how our well-earned refreshments have been prepared in the traditional way by hand. The cool water of the Twenger Almsee offers another kind of refreshment.

Herbal hiking | every Friday | 10 AM - 1 PM

Which wild plants and healing herbs are given us by Mother Nature? Come with us for a short hike through the alpine flora around Obertauern and taste some of them on your own.

You can find here more information about our summer programme 2017.